Trillium Geoscience consultant, Melanie Mackay volunteers through MineralsED  to provide enrichment to elementary and high school classes in British Columbia who are studying coal mining. Melanie is president of the Western Canadian Coal Society, who together with MineralsED, have developed a Coal Kit that is sent out to teachers requesting additional classroom resources about coal.

In 2017, the Western Canadian Coal Society attended the Mining Week Community Fair. To read an article about this event see the below link:

Western Canadian Coal Society attends Mining Week Fair

Article in Innovation Magazine March/April 2017 Issue


Mineral Resources Education Program of BC

Melanie Mackay is currently the project lead on a provincially  funded research project.

Producing Clean Coal from Western Canadian Coalfields using the Water-based Boner Jig Process

The Canadian Carbonization Research Association & Geoscience BC

Melanie is interested in researching the effects of perchloroethylene (PCE) on coal and coke quality of Western Canadian Coals. Her research group (all members of the CCRA) are interested in developing a safe alternative to PCE for washing coal.


M.E. Holuszko, R. Leeder, M. Mackay, L. Giroux, J.A. MacPhee, K.W. Ng, H. Dexter. “Effects of Organic Liquids on Coking Properties of a Higher-Inert Western Canadian Coal”, In Press 10.1016/j.fuproc.2016.06.021, Fuel Processing Technology (2016).


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