Coke Quality Evaluation

  • Compilation of carbonization results for the property

  • Determination of valid points of observation for coke quality – sample origin, age of sample at time of coking, carbonization laboratory, carbonization conditions, coke oven size, charging methodology, identification of the pre-treatment of coal prior to carbonization.


  • Recommendations for additional carbonization data to include: correct location of sample collection (specific seams, depth, minimum sample core recovery), minimum mass required, method of cleaning coal (organic liquids, pilot wash plant, roben jig), appropriate carbonization laboratory, charging method (as well as density and moisture), size of coke oven to be used.

  • Evaluation of carbonization results (CSR, CRI, ASG, % Coke Fines, Irsid, Micum, JIS drum indices, ASTM Stability and Hardness)

coke quality & carbonization