Resource Evaluation:

  • Historical database creation and determination of valid points of observation

  • Resource assessment and coal quality evaluations (per seam and per product)

                          Evaluation of raw and clean coal quality as well as washability studies.

  • Determination of data ‘gaps’ and recommendation for future work

  • Development of testing protocols and analytical flowsheets

  • Design of exploration coal quality testing programs

 Trillium Geoscience maintains a strong relationship with carbonization and coal testing laboratories in Canada.

Drillcore Coal Quality program management:

  • Definition of the project timeline

  • Laboratory tender management

  • Laboratory management (continuous consultation with laboratory about sample results and progress through flowsheet)

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (data capture, coal quality laboratory instructions, chain of command documentation, results – report and data base formats)

  • Tracking and monitoring of analytical progress

  • Budget management (actual vs quoted comparisons, detailed budget tracking down to the  cent)

  • Validation of laboratory analysis results

  • Analysis and interpretation of results

  • Progress reports to clients including timeline and budget updates

Product evaluation and specification:

  • Coal Quality valid points of observation are used to evaluate possible products

  • Coal quality trends are delineated on a per seam basis


  • Coal quality trends are married with the mine plan to determine coal products to be released during the life of mine


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